What is Tai Chi?The Totalcare Clinic run  Tai Chi classes at our practice located in Botley Southampton

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art consisting of a series of slow, gentle continuous movements.

It combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing actions. Tai Chi is particularly suitable for older people as it helps them to develop stronger muscles, reduce stress, improve posture, balance, increase concentration and generally increase mobility.

This makes it invaluable in helping people to prevent falls. It can also help to combat problems of the heart, breathing and digestive system as well as relieving stress.

Is there an Ideal Age for Tai Chi? As Tai Chi is commonly performed as a low-impact exercise, this means it puts minimal pressure on your bones and joints. It is ideal for inactive older people wanting to raise their activity levels gently and gradually.

This means therefore it’s particularly well suited for those individuals who normally can’t cope with high impact Click to contact The Totalcare Clinicactivities. For example, individuals who suffer with some arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Tai Chi is therefore suitable for most individuals.

Do I Need to be Fit to do Tai Chi? No, Tai Chi is for everyone, regardless of fitness levels. Many of the Tai Chi movements can be adapted to people with any disability, including wheelchair users.

Tai chi is essentially a gentle activity that is unlikely to cause injury if done correctly. The exercises involve lots of flowing, easy movements that don’t stress the joints or muscles. Initial fitness levels are not an issue.
Are there Different Styles of Tai Chi? Yes, some different styles include Yang, Chen and Wu. Some teachers often practise a combination of styles. The main differences between the Tai Chi styles are in the speed of movement and the way the body holds the postures.
What’s the Basic Technique? Called meditation in motion, or stillness in movement, Tai Chi encourages you to relax as you breathe deeply while performing graceful upper and lower body moves that flow into each other. Many movements are completed with bent knees in a gentle squat-like position and movements are generated from the waist.

As an ancient Chinese martial art, Tai Chi improves balance, focus, muscle strength and enables you to forget about the world. Unwind and simply be.

Your Tai Chi Instructor: LindaYour Tai Chi Instructor: Linda

Linda’s background for the majority of her working life is in nursing and midwifery.
She trained as a nurse in the Royal Navy then trained as a midwife in Portsmouth and worked as a community midwife for over thirty three years.

She became interested in Martial Arts nearly fifteen years ago when she took her daughter to kickboxing classes. Her Martial Arts career has covered training in kickboxing, traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Linda belongs to the Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy and has entered their National Tournaments every year since 2009.

Linda became their national Tai Chi champion in open hand forms and weapons, with straight sword, broadsword and fan, and National Kung Fu champion in open hand forms and weapons, with broadsword and butterfly knives. Linda has recently been presented with their outstanding Personal Achievement award and an award for Contribution and Commitment to the Academy. Linda has also impressively achieved 18 gold trophies and a Black Belt 1st Duan in Traditional Kung Fu.

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Tai Chi Class Timetable

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Day Time Class Details
Monday 10.00 - 11.00 Tai Chi with Linda
Friday 10.00 - 11.00 Tai Chi with Linda