Tom Smith

Tom qualified at the University College of Osteopathy in London, with a Masters in Osteopathy. In addition to being an Osteopath, he is a soft tissue therapist and dry needling therapist. Tom has extensive experience in soft tissue therapy, working with both amateur and professional sports teams and in private practice.

With a background in the Armed forces and being a keen sportsman actively involved in numerous sports including hockey, rugby, triathlons and crossfit, Tom’s experience allows him to relate and understand to the injuries and issues associated with these and other sports.

Tom sees the body as one, functional unit and believes that the structure of the body governs its function; aiming to treat the cause of your problems as well as your pain. Tom’s experience in Soft Tissue Therapy and Medical Acupuncture as well as Osteopathy enables him to combine these skills, allowing him to use various techniques to address every system of the body for the best results possible.’

Tom also practices