The Totalcare Clinic run  Yoga  classes at our practice located in Botley Southampton

What is Yoga?

The Totalcare Clinic run Yoga classes at our practice located in Botley Southampton. 

All courses are 6 weeks in duration; each class is one hour long. Numbers are limited to between 6-8 in a class depending on the difficult level of the class.

Yoga is lots of things and takes on lots of forms. So to answer this question, this is what you can expect from the Yoga classes and courses at the Total Care Studio. Our Yoga classes are an hour long and a made up of series of postures and poses that strengthen the body, balance the mind and soothe the spirit.

Your Yoga classes are about taking time out to look after yourself , indulge in some ‘me time’ and give your body what it sorely needs after the stresses and strains of everyday life. After a gentle warm-up, we do a few Sun Salutations which brings in a cardiovascular element to burn calories, focus the mind and heat the body. Once warm, standing poses strengthen, tone and shape the body whilst building a courageous mind.

Click to contact The Totalcare ClinicAs the body heat builds we add twisting postures and balancing poses which detoxify the body and strengthen the core. Then we slow it down, add some back strengthening, stretching and a good long relaxation!

The classes and courses at The Total Care Studio are limited in numbers so that your Yoga teacher can really get to know you and your body. The Yoga taught at the studio is a truly holistic therapy and tailored to each student so that any particular conditions/injuries can be addressed. You will see your Yoga practice develop quickly as you experience the various benefits of a tailored class.

Would you benefit from Yoga? There are so many concerns that one can address as it is an individual practice and each person can look to improve many conditions both mental and physical. As a guide Yoga can treat or reduce the symptoms of back pain, RSI, tension headaches and migraines, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks, reduced range of movement limitations, fibromyalgia, hamstring strains, IBS, chronic stress and hypertension.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Your teacher: Ineke Henson Dip. FryogYour teacher: Ineke Henson Dip. Fryog
Dip. FRYOG Post Grad. Teaching Yoga for Children

Ineke is a qualified Yoga teacher who has been teaching Yoga for adults since 2007 and Yoga for children since 2008. She studied with FRYOG (Friends of Yoga Society International).

Ineke is best known for her experience in Yoga for beginners and Yoga for toddlers. She has a calm and gentle approach especially to those who have not practised Yoga before. Yoga is a way of life and Ineke teaches Yoga with a refreshing style that encourages people to become aware of their body and to use the tools taught in Yoga in their daily life.

Ineke ensures that each person receives individual attention and will demonstrate postures in such a way that the needs of all abilities are met. Ineke is trained in a traditional hatha Yoga style but has made it her own by introducing gently posture flows and using themed Yoga courses.

A typical class will include relaxation, postures, breathing techniques and meditation not necessarily in that particular order. Yoga has existed for thousands of years and can be traced back as far as 2800 BC. Apart from the postures and the breathing it also gives a set of guidelines that helps to live a balanced and healthy life. To practice Yoga with Ineke you do not have to be flexible or spiritual which sometimes holds people back to try a class. It can be practised by anyone of any shape, size, age and fitness!
Your teacher: Nicky BarkerYour teacher: Nicky Barker

Nicky has practiced Yoga for over 20 years. Initially like many others, her interest in Yoga started primarily based on wanting to stay supple and to maintain a good level of physical fitness.

However as time progressed she has become equally impressed by the impact regular Yoga practice has on maintaining a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Nicky has been teaching classes since 2005. Nicky focuses on ensuring all students benefit from attending classes whatever their practice levels, needs and capabilities may be. She understands that all students are individual and her role is to ensure that each gain the positive outcomes looked for.

Given time, all students start to gain benefits from the physical to the emotional uplift achievable through regular practice of postures, relaxation and breathing work Classes are themed, based on yogic teachings such as chakras & bandhas, but more recently Nicky’s classes have incorporated a Vinyasa style of yoga, giving a natural linkage throughout the practice and a sense of freedom in the flow.
Your teacher: Gemma SprackYour teacher: Gemma Sprack

Gemma first started going to yoga when her boys were very little as a way of getting some time back for herself. She enjoyed it so much she knew that she wanted to be able to give people that same experience. 

She really likes to give people the chance to unplug from their daily life and enjoy some time off. She aims to provide people with an opportunity to get re-acquainted with their body and learn how to work with it. She tries to showing people how yoga can be used in everyday life to help cope with stressful situations, and aid them to find the positive in everyday situations!! 

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Gemma is usually with her children and James, walking/running with the dog or trying to find 5 minutes to curl up with a book! She also loves to travel when circumstances allow and practicing stand up paddle boarding when the weather is a little warmer!!!

Your teacher: Millie Aldridge Your teacher: Millie Aldridge

Millie is a fully qualified teacher, accredited with the internationally renowned Yoga Alliance. With a wealth of experience practicing yoga, and having studied deeply the foundations of yoga and its philosophy in India with the Ashiyana Yoga School, she now shares an authentic Hatha-Vinyasa practice.

Millie’s classes are gentle, and nurturing; suitable for all abilities and bodies. With a highly mindful approach, they are guaranteed to leave you feeling grounded, balanced, and relaxed.

Hatha is the yoga of force, or energy, and merges the different practices of yoga; Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation, Cleansing Techniques, and Asana (posture). Alongside this, Millie’s musical and dance backgrounds have influenced a style of practice that is fluid, rhythmic, and thus may be viewed as a kind of moving meditation. Her classes encourage a connection with the body on a deeply intimate level, creating a gateway to intuitive and peaceful living.

When not practicing and teaching yoga, Millie can be found reading, writing, composing music, or exploring the great outdoors!

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Yoga Class Timetable

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Day Time Class Details
Monday 09.15 - 10.15 Yoga for beginners with Nicky Barker
  18.00 - 19.15 Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation with Gemma Sprack
  19.30 - 20.30 Yoga for beginners with Gemma Sprack
Wednesday 09.30 - 10.45 Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation with Ineke Henson
  17.45 - 18.45 Yoga for beginners with Nicky Barker
  19.00 - 20.00 Yoga for beginners with Ineke Henson
  19.00 - 20.00 Yoga for beginners with Ineke Henson
  20.15 - 21.15 Yoga for beginners with Ineke Henson
Thursday 09.30 -10.45 Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation with Ineke Henson
Friday 09.00 - 10.15 Relaxation and Meditation with Nicky Barker
  18.00 - 19.00 Yoga for beginners with Millie Aldridge
  19.00 - 20.00 Yoga for beginners with Millie Aldridge