Linda Taylor

Linda’s background for the majority of her working life is in nursing and midwifery.

She trained as a nurse in the Royal Navy then trained as a midwife in Portsmouth and worked as a community midwife for over thirty three years.

She became interested in Martial Arts nearly fifteen years ago when she took her daughter to kickboxing classes. Her Martial Arts career has covered training in kickboxing, traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Linda belongs to the Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy and has entered their National Tournaments every year since 2009.

Linda became their national Tai Chi champion in open hand forms and weapons, with straight sword, broadsword and fan, and National Kung Fu champion in open hand forms and weapons, with broadsword and butterfly knives.

Linda has recently been presented with their outstanding Personal Achievement award and an award for Contribution and Commitment to the Academy. Linda has also impressively achieved 18 gold trophies and a Black Belt 1st Duan in Traditional Kung Fu.

Linda teaches

Tai Chi