What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage uses a variety of skills adopted from different massage techniques.  The prime objective of sports massage is to alleviate tension and stress that has built up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.  It is designed to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, remove waste and alter muscle tone and length.  Where minor injuries and lesions have occurred, sports massage can break these down quickly and effectively.  It can help prevent niggling injuries and areas of tension which often get in the way of performance, achievements or just daily function.

It is important, therefore, to realise this treatment is not just for the sports person.  It can also benefit not only those individuals who have physically demanding jobs but those who experience occupational, emotional and postural stresses which may lead to similar complaints.

It should be stressed that sports massage is not designed to be relaxing and calming, it has a therapeutic aim.  It tends to be deeper and more intense and as a result you may feel a little sore afterwards.  This should however, leave your body feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Our skilled therapists will bring together a blend of techniques, knowledge and advice during treatment in order to bring about optimum performance, recovery and long term rehabilitation.

Promotional Loyalty Discount

After receiving a sports massage at The Totalcare Clinic, whether it is a 30 minute or 60 minute massage, we will stamp your loyalty card. Once you have six loyalty stamps we will pay for your next 30 mins Sports Massage treatment.

Sports Massage Practitioners

Kat Burton
Freddie Eley

Sports Massage Fees

£32  – 30 minute treatment
£48 – 60 minutes treatment

Treatments by appointment only


Payments are made at the end of each treatment session or consultation. We accept cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

Our Secure  iZettle Reader takes chip, swipe and contactless payments from all major credit cards, as well as payments through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay.


We are recognised by all major insurance companies and we may bill directly some insurances, including Bupa and Cigna, if you provide us the following details prior to your first consultation:

  • Your name, address and date of birth

  • Insurance policy or membership number

  • Pre-authorisation number for treatment

  • Number of treatments authorised