Michelle McWilliam

Registered Osteopath BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. ND, MSC Sports Rehab.
Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, BSc (Hons) Acu.

Michelle is a qualified Osteopath and Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, using both therapies separately or combined to treat numerous conditions. Michelle also delivers Running assessments.

She has expanded her knowledge into Sports Rehabilitation with specific focus on using osteopathic theories and treatment to aid a fully holistic approach into the treatment and rehabilitation of sports people. As a member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association her aim is to become further involved in working with elite athletes at competition levels.

Within The Totalcare Clinic she uses her knowledge to treat patients privately and through private health insurance policies to improve health, reduce pain levels and educate patients about their diagnosis. With close links to the local G.P. surgeries and a number of consultants, inter-referrals are achieved quickly and effectively from both sides.

Michelle practices

IDD Therapy
Cranial Osteopathy
Chinese Acupuncture
Western Acupuncture